Having a wee problem......

I've changed the colour and installed something so that I have an icon on my desktop - however when I try to log in using it - nothing happens !! - sod it - so no jumping beans for me......I think I'll go and have a bath and have another go another day - some advice from someone would be helpful.

I am still around

Well I've been busy the last however long since I was on here.

So what have I been up to.......... well I had an interview on Wednesday at The Old Pound Veterinary Centre in Much Wenlock. The interview lasted over 2 hours !! including a tour round the vets and some typing tests - there was a hold up as one of the vets who was to interview me was operating on a horse and the other was held up in Worcester.......... The job was for an Office Manager - how scary is that - with two people in "my team" who I would manage and do appraisals and train etc.........so it is a managerial position - full time with one evening a week and one Saturday a month. All for the princely sum of 11,500 !!! - that's a lower rate than I was on at the Council...... Anyway the interview went on soooooo long and I got a bit tired and eventually my brain and mouth disconnected from one another - my brain ground to a halt and my mouth chugged on relentlessly !! - I gave a good impression of a gibbering idiot - so I guess that knocked that one on the head.......

Then a Gordon Little rang me at home from Granville House (Telford & Wrekin Council office) - they have two months (or thereabouts) work there which involves data inputting - something to do with a survey of street lighting - 30,000 apparently. This is a one off project simply transferring the data to a database - how grim does that sound...... I arranged to meet him today at Granville House at 12 o'clock and when I turned up he had phoned in sick at 11.45 !! - I was not amused - I mean it's not as though I just tootled up the road - I dont live on the doorstep (17 miles away). And of course no-one else really knows what his plans are for the project so were not much help.

I've got an interview on Monday at Telford & Wrekin Council for a job in Personnel I applied for - yay I got an interview to join the "Personnel Team of the Year" !! Interview at 12.15 and assessment at 2pm - so should have an hour to kill in the middle - nice of them to have them following on.

So that's about it really - how exciting is that.

Phoebe puss has been for a couple more dips in the pond. We let her out now as we can't keep her in for ever - she doesnt go far (famous last words - watch me trailing round the fields later this evening).

My garden is quite organised now - Morville Hall gardens are open on Sunday for the National Gardens Scheme (Yellow Book) and wonder of wonders - I've actually got some plants for the plant stall - for the first time ever. I may make some cakes for the tea & cakes bit too - see how many people I can poison - depends on how organised I am.

Roger from the Benefit Agency phoned me today - they have finally agreed my claim and are sending me the money they owe - it's 250.10p I think he said..... I shall of course keep that little detail from Jim for a week or so - as he was out at the time and if I tell him tonight then he will make me pay for the shopping tomorrow - so I'll keep stum about it I think - I live and learn :-)

I'm getting really fed up with this hunting for a job lifestyle. When you are unemployed your life is not your own - you have to spend free time that everyone else is watching TV or messing about on their computers - and where am I? - filling in sodding forms - that's where !!!

Both the pussies are in now - lolling about on the windowsill in this room - in the sun - we have very wide windowsills on one side of the house as it is thick stone walls, but the back of the house is brick - totally weird of course - did you expect any other.

I think I might pootle off to the LUSH website and order myself some goodies on-line. I shouldn't really but then it looks as though I will be back at work (for the time being anyway) in about a weeks time so will be able to afford it.

It'll be interesting to hear what the Vets have to say when they contact me - they were supposed to let everyone know the outcome by the end of today - I'm hoping they just say no by post !!

I don't think I want the heavy responsibility of that job anyway - certainly not for that money !!

I haven't worked out how you do those fancy "mood" bits at the start yet - someone let me know please - b_live and annfrank you must be around.

Morning all!

Although having said that no-one will actually read this as I have not put any friends down which is confusing and just like me. When I have more time I'll pop back and do this thing properly. Tootle pip.